The Myth of the Androgeno

Once upon a time, there were two kind of human beings: male, descended from the Sun, and female, descended from the Earth. Anthology depicts the sacred marriage of the masculine principles Sol, with the feminine principles Luna, into a perfect merging, creating the divine Androgeno. The Androgeno, with both male and female elements, descended from Moon. Philosophers promoted the idea of Androgeno as the First Human in the Universe.

The beginning

Logo Androgeno

The beginning… Fashion Revolution

Throughout most of Western history, social rules have restricted people's dress code according to gender; Liberation movements, have contributed to slowly abolish those rules. The rise of Avant-Garde has challenged the social constructs around fashion. In order to move away from the more mundane aspects of the current fashion, a more deconstructing garments philosophy approached. This would end up leading a change, that would point into a more gender friendly garments.

What is Androgeno

Androgeno is a unisex life style brand.
Our mantra is NO GENDER - NO SEASON.

Androgeno is proudly entirely Made in Italy. Collections are based on the study of a balance between masculine and feminine elements, creating unique items easy to wear for any gender at any age.


Androgeno embraces the evolution of the millennium, its expels the old rigid mentality to open channels to the true being, where individuality becomes the main focus.



Seasonality is abolished and it is reinterpreted by the use of natural fabrics. Each Androgeno item is perfectly wearable at every season.


Androgeno concept embraces the usage of basics colors with minimalist lines and comfort features. These specifications make Androgeno a cosmopolitan brand for a world wide market.


Behind The Idea

Vittoria Bronzini Bedini
Co-Founder | Creative Director

Born in Italy, she moved to the USA at the age of 19 and lived there since. Graduated from prestigious fashion school FIT - 'Fashion Institute of Technology’ - in New York City. In love with Fashion since an early age, she is a world traveller, based in the amazing and fast-growing Miami, Florida. Fashion Designer, with a background in international background - Italy, China, Brazil, and USA. Founder of BBVittoria llc.
Caterina Pancotto
Co-Founder | Marketing and Media Director

She creates communication strategies for companies. Her experience and her know-how in the fashion and life-living world, allowed her to apply this knowledge to set guide-lines on products launches, concepts and moods . Thank’s to the synergy with Vittoria BB, they created the brand “Androgeno“; aware of the potential and the impact this Brand would have in Fashion, they combined them strengths in an unique great project. Founder of First Comunicazione.